The Village of Elburn is located in Blackberry Township in Kane County. William Lance and his family settled there in 1834, coming from New York. The second pioneer was Henry Warne, who settled on the land just west of present day Elburn and along present day Route 38. The first Post Office, known as Swinton, was also located here. The mail was brought to Elburn from St. Charles by Joseph Glidden of barbed-wire fame. By 1842, there was one log cabin where Elburn sits today. It was built by Silas Lakin in the block where today's Community Congregational Church is located.

In 1853, the railroad was completed through Elburn, but the Village was then called Blackberry Station. Up to and including most of the 1950's, it was possible to board a passenger train in the morning, go to Chicago, stop at various stations along the way, and return to Elburn in the evening. It is possible, once again, to ride the train to Chicago. In 2006, Metra Rail passenger opened its service from Elburn to Chicago along the Union Pacific West line.




Fun Facts!

  • The first name proposed for the Lincoln Highway was the Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway.
  • By 1927 90% of Americans owned an automobile.
  • The Town of Fulton, Illinois has an authentic, working Dutch windmill.
  • Chicago Heights Illinois is known as The Crossroads of the Nation, because the Lincoln and Dixie Highways intersect.
  • The very first Seedling Mile is located in Malta, Illinois.