Big Rock



Lose your cares in the century-old churches, open spaces and vintage homes of Big Rock, a quaint village steeped in rich agricultural history and tradition. Settled in the 1830's by Welsh farmers, Big Rock Township quickly earned a reputation as one of the most scenic areas of the county, offering some of the best farm ground in the area. On a visit to Big Rock be sure to absorb the serenity of the peaceful countryside at one of the beautiful Forest Preserves. Experience Plowman's Park, home to the 115 year old Plowing Match, one of the last surviving plowing match competitions, held the third weekend in September.


  • Esther's Place

    At Esther's Place you'll find woven into every aspect a genuine rural insight and a pride in American-made products. From finely crafted equipment and a broad medley of beautiful, natural fibers, to the classes and retreats we offer, it is clear that your experience here will be unique and enjoyable. Stay the night too in our Bed and Breakfast.



Fun Facts!

  • The first name proposed for the Lincoln Highway was the Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway.
  • By 1927 90% of Americans owned an automobile.
  • The Town of Fulton, Illinois has an authentic, working Dutch windmill.
  • Chicago Heights Illinois is known as The Crossroads of the Nation, because the Lincoln and Dixie Highways intersect.
  • The very first Seedling Mile is located in Malta, Illinois.