Morrison-Rockwood State Park

When you are heading towards Morrison-Rockwood State Park on Crosby Road, you get to visit a covered bridge, which is an amazing photo opportunity.

Morrison Covered Bridge

Once you get into the State Park see Lake Carlton and go fishing or boating. Go hiking and then eat a picnic lunch or dinner. See a variety of wildlife as you go hiking and go bird watching.  There are many different things to do and to see.

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Fun Facts!

  • The first name proposed for the Lincoln Highway was the Coast-to-Coast Rock Highway.
  • By 1927 90% of Americans owned an automobile.
  • The Town of Fulton, Illinois has an authentic, working Dutch windmill.
  • Chicago Heights Illinois is known as The Crossroads of the Nation, because the Lincoln and Dixie Highways intersect.
  • The very first Seedling Mile is located in Malta, Illinois.